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Photos of rainforests in Costa Rica

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Photos of rainforests in Costa Rica By Rhett A. Butler Mongabay.com Wonderful photos; click for a larger version. READ MORE

Photo Essay of Rain Forest Ecology

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Photo Essay of Rain Forest Ecology, By Joseph E. Armstrong, School of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University, Click on an image for description and larger version. READ MORE

Tropical Rain Forest

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Tropical Rain Forest Numerous photographs and descriptions of plants and animals in Costa Rica's rainforest. Also discusses logging and climate. READ MORE

La Selva Biological Station

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La Selva Biological Station The Research Station is run by the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS); has many photos of flora and fauna at the station. READ MORE

A Journey through the Rainforest

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A Journey through the Rainforest by Sandy Wiseman Costa Rica A repeated piercing squawk fractured my sleep again, the same intrusive sound that jolted me awake each of the past two days. I kne READ MORE

Cocori Complete Costa Rica - Nature's Cathedral, Rain Forests

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Nature's Cathedral, Rain Forests by Michael L. Smith Cocori Complete Costa Rica It's quiet. Very quiet. But it isn't silent and it's far from dead. Listen closely--a faint rustle of leaves high READ MORE

Photo-Journey Through a Costa Rican Rainforest

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Photo-Journey Through a Costa Rican Rainforest by Sandy Wiseman EcoJourney.org Sandy Wiseman shares an exquisite journey through a tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, near the Rara Avis reserve READ MORE

Butterfly Conservatory: Flower picture galley

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Butterfly Conservatory: Flower picture galley El Castillo, Costa Rica Visit the web site for photos. READ MORE

Butterfly Conservatory: About Rainforests

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Butterfly Conservatory: About Rainforests El Castillo, Costa Rica About Rainforests What is a Rainforest? Rainforests are very dense, warm, wet forests. They are havens for millions of plants an READ MORE

Monteverde Cloud Rainforest

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Monteverde Cloud Rainforest, rom Shawn Landersz, Vimeo.com Video length: 03:47. READ MORE
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