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Herbivores (Plant Eaters)


The Amazing Bower Bird

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The Amazing Bower Bird All About Wildlife Video narrated by David Attenborough. READ MORE


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Orangutan Canadian Museum of Nature Orangutans are herbivorous, primarily eating fruit. They are also peaceful and intelligent. They spend most of their time in the treetops, constructing sleepi READ MORE

African Elephant

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African Elephant Canadian Museum of Nature Description and ten good photographs; click to for a larger version. READ MORE


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Chimpanzee Canadian Museum of Science Includes a description and several good photographs; click to enlarge. READ MORE


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Chimpanzee Animal Diversity Web University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Habitat Chimpanzees utilize a great diversity of habitat types. Although they are typically thought of as living READ MORE


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Okapi Enchanted Learning The Okapi (or "forest giraffe") is a solitary, giraffe-like mammal found in rainforests of the upper Congo River Basin in central Africa. Diet: The Okapi is an herbi READ MORE


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Okapi By Eric Palkovacs Animal Diversity Web University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Okapis are found only in the tropical forests of northeastern Zaire. Food Habits Okapis are diu READ MORE

African Forest Elephant

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African Forest Elephant West Tisbury School Students Up-Island Regional School District It was always thought that there were two species of elephant in the world; the African savanna elephan READ MORE

African Forest Elephant

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African Forest Elephant Animal Corner African Forest Elephant Diet African Forest elephants survive on a diet of herbs and trees or shrubbery leaves and large amounts of water. African Forest READ MORE

Duke Lemur Center

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Duke Lemur Center The Duke Lemur Center is the world's largest sanctuary for rare and endangered prosimian primates. Nestled on 85 acres in Duke Forest, the Lemur Center houses about 250 animals, i READ MORE

Collared Peccary

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Collared Peccary DesertUSA.com Habitat In South and Central America, the Collared Peccary inhabits tropical rainforests. In the southern United States, herds occur in Saguaro deserts, where t READ MORE

The Swinging Gibbon

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The Swinging Gibbon By National Geographic YouTube.com Video length: 01:06. READ MORE

Orangutan InfoBook,

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Orangutan InfoBook, Sea World Orangutans inhabit tropical forests. Tropical forests have little variance in temperature (around 23 degrees Celsius) and length of daylight (around 12 hours). Howeve READ MORE

Green Parrot, Honduras

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Green Parrot, Honduras By Rhett A. Butler Mongabay.com Wonderful photo!! READ MORE

Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis)

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Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis) By Rhett A. Butler Mongabay.com Great photo with description! Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Dysfunctional families - the Emperor Tamarin - Clever Monkeys - BBC Video

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Dysfunctional families - the Emperor Tamarin - Clever Monkeys - BBC June 28, 3009 Video length: 01:07. READ MORE

Emperor Tamarin on Flickr

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Emperor Tamarin on Flickr Ghazghul's photostream Flickr.com An awesome picture of an emperor tamarin!! READ MORE

Emperor Tamarins

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Emperor Tamarins By Taryn Eaton Animal Diversity Web University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Habitat Saguinas imperator is found in various forms of light, dry-bottom to densely grown READ MORE

ADW: Malayan tapir

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Malayan tapir Animal Diversity Web University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Habitat Found in tropical lowland and highland rainforest where there is a permanent supply of water. They ten READ MORE

Squirrel Monkey

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Squirrel Monkey, By wildernessdave, The Wild Classroom Several good photos and article. READ MORE

Tropical Rainforest Macaws

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Tropical Rainforest Macaws Rainforest-facts.com Pictures and description of several specie of macaw located in Central and Sourth American rainforests. READ MORE

Parrots and Macaws

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Parrots and Macaws Costa Rica Homeschool Info Diet & Food In the wild, the macaw's diet consists of a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits and leaves. Macaws are usually found in the rainforest high READ MORE

Scarlet Macaw

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Scarlet Macaw, By wildernessdave, The Wild Classroom, Several good photographs (click to enlarge) and article. READ MORE

Animals of the Rain Forest - Sloth

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Animals of the Rain Forest - Sloth, MT & PK Productions, Los Angeles United School District, Visit the web site for a photo and description. READ MORE

Leaf Insect

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Leaf Insect Rainforestfauna.com Leaf insects are herbivores (plant eaters) themselves. They typically feed on oak, guava, and blackberry leaves. Visit the web site for a photo and to learn m READ MORE

Three-Toed Sloth

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Three-Toed Sloth Rainforestfauna.com They live in trees; hang upside down, and grow green algae in their fur....learn more about them here, along with a photo. READ MORE

Ringtailed Lemurs

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Ringtailed Lemurs Rainforestfauna.com Ringtailed lemurs live in the Madagascar rainforest. Visit the web site for pictures and to learn more. READ MORE

Common Blossom Bat

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Common Blossom Bat BBC Wildlife Finder Common blossom bats are a type of fruit bat, but they prefer to eat nectar and pollen over fruit. As they feed, they pollinate the flowers of the rainforest READ MORE

Brown-Throated Sloth

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Brown-Thoated Sloth BBC Wildlife Finder Brown-throated sloths are the most common of the three-toed sloths. They are found in the Amazon rainforest. Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Magnificent Bird of Paradise

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Magnificent Bird of Paradise BBC Wildlife Finder Magnificent birds of paradise are surprisingly common in the forested mountains and villages of New Guinea and its surrounding islands. Visit th READ MORE

Orangutan ruse misleads predators

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Orangutan ruse misleads predators August 5, 2009 By Griet Scheldeman Science reporter, BBC News Wild orangutans in Borneo hold leaves to their mouths to make their voices sound deeper than t READ MORE

High on Hornbills

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High on Hornbills, February 2009, By Tim Laman, National Wildlife Federation. "In a decades-long quest to shoot pictures of some of the world's rarest and most spectacular birds, a photographer READ MORE

Borneos Wild Gliders

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Borneos Wild Gliders, June, 2008, By Tim Laman, National Wildlife Federation, "From snakes and frogs to giant squirrels, this Southeast Asian island is home to a greater variety of flying animal READ MORE

Hummingbirds and Sunbirds | Rainforests

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Hummingbirds and Sunbirds | Rainforests, By Marcia Malory, EarthFacts.com "The nectar of flowers in the tropical rainforest is the food for small birds known as hummingbirds and sunbirds." Vi READ MORE

Herbivores of the Rainforest

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Herbivores of the Rainforest, By Marcia Malory, EarthFacts.com "Herbivores that live on the floor of the tropical rainforest have adapted to life in an area of where there is little plant growth. READ MORE

African Grey Parrot - Wikipedia

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African Grey Parrot Wikipedia.org The African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus) is a medium-sized parrot endemic to primary and secondary rainforest of West and Central Africa. Experts regard it READ MORE

Honeybee | Nature

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Honeybee | Nature PBS Animal Guide Excellent close-up photo (click to enlarge) and description. READ MORE

Lemurs: Ghosts of the Forest

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Lemurs: Ghosts of the Forest Photos courtesy of Duke Lemur Center Duke University Unique creatures native to the island of Madagascar, lemurs attract our attention with their mysterious nature an READ MORE

Souimanga Sunbird - Wikipedia

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Souimanga Sunbird Wikipedia.org The Souimanga Sunbird (Cinnyris sovimanga) is a small passerine bird of the sunbird family, Nectariniidae. It is native to the islands of the western Indian Ocean READ MORE

Madagascar - A World Apart: Creature Features, Lemurs

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Madagascar - A World Apart: Creature Features, Lemurs By Dr. Kenneth Glander The Living Edens PBS.org Ask the person next to you what a lemur is and he or she may not even know it's an animal. READ MORE

Primate Gallery - Titi Monkeys

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Primate Gallery - Titi Monkeys Primate Conservation Organization This pair of titi monkeys (Callicebus lucifer) was photographed near the village of Zaballo in north eastern Ecuador north of the READ MORE

Ringtail Lemur Photos

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Ringtail Lemur Photos by Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Photographs of ringtail lemurs in Madagascar; click to enlarge, READ MORE

Blue Crowned Motmot Looking, Bird

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Blue Crowned Motmot Looking, Bird Posted by Jose Labels Travelinparadisecr.com Visit the web site for the photo. READ MORE

Great blue turaco

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Great blue turaco by Rhett Butler Mongabay.com The great blue turaco is a bird from the tropical forests of West Africa. It feeds on fruit, leaves, and flowers. Visit the web site for a pi READ MORE

Great Blue Turaco

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Great Blue Turaco By Robert Pbase.com Jurong Birdpark, Singapore This central African bird is often found in the canopy of tall forest trees, basking in the morning sun. The turaco mainly READ MORE

Bolivian Gray Titi jpeg

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Bolivian Gray Titi jpeg by Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Visit the web site for the photograph. READ MORE

Capybara - San Francisco Zoological Society

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Capybara San Francisco Zoological Society Capybara reside in South America; this page has photos and information on their characteristics, diet and social behavior. READ MORE

Capybara - Wikipedia

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Capybara Wikipedia.org Habitat Capybara are semi-aquatic mammals[14] found wild in much of South America (including Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, READ MORE

Leaping Lemur Picture

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Leaping Lemur Picture WildMadabascar.org Visit the web site for picture. READ MORE

Lemurs of Madagascar

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Lemurs of Madagascar WildMadagascar.org Madagascar is world-famous for its lemurs, primates that look something like a cat crossed with a squirrel and a dog. These animals are unique to the island READ MORE

Leapin' Lemurs! YouTube

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Leapin' Lemurs! Posted by kriegsman YouTube.com Video length: 01:49. READ MORE

CAPYBARA.. Biggest rodent on Earth

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CAPYBARA.. Biggest rodent on Earth Unique-Southameria-Travel-Experience.com Among all Amazon rainforest animals, carpincho or capybara is a fairly common sight that can be seen on the banks of Ama READ MORE

Pill Millipede of Borneo - YouTube

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Pill Millipede of Borneo Posted by memutic YouTube.com Video length: 0.26. READ MORE

Pill Millipede

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Pill Millipede by Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Unlike centipedes, millipedes are nonvenomous and slow-moving. They are herbivorous, eating decaying leaves and other dead plant matter Visit the READ MORE

Tapir - Wikipedia

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Tapir Wikipedia.org A tapir (pronounced /ˈteɪpər/ "taper", or /təˈpɪər/ "ta-pier") is a large browsing mammal, roughly pig-like in shape, with a short, prehensile snout. Tapirs inhabit ju READ MORE

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird Food Habits Although the ruby-throated hummingbird will consume insects and spiders, its primary food source is nectar. The ruby-throated hummingbird feeds on several d READ MORE

Cotton-top Tamarin Monkey eating - YouTube

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Cotton-top Tamarin Monkey eating By atlbam79 YouTube Video length: 01:09. READ MORE

The White Faced Saki Monkey

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The White Faced Saki Monkey by James Bolton YouTube.com Video length: 02:34. READ MORE

Proboscis Monkey

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Proboscis Monkey Itsnature.org Habitat The Proboscis Monkey can most often be found in Borneo's mangrove forests, swamps, and even the lowland riparian forests. The primates are known to move eas READ MORE

Proboscis Monkey

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Proboscis Monkey Elisabeth Benders-Hyde West Tisbury School Up-Island Regional School District BluePlanetBiomes.org The proboscis monkey is found only on the island of Borneo in Southeast READ MORE

Newborn Woolly Monkey - BBC - Dorset

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Newborn Woolly Monkey BBC - Dorset British Broadcasting Corporation A baby Woolly Monkey has been born at the Monkey World rescue centre. He arrived on November 11 and is being hand-reared by READ MORE

Yellow Tailed Woolly Monkey

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Yellow Tailed Woolly Monkey By samshanee YouTube.com Video length: 02:28. READ MORE

Photo: Red lorrikeet

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Photo: Red lorrikeet By Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Please visit the website for the photo. READ MORE


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Chimpanzee Kidsplanet.org HABITAT: Chimps prefer dense tropical rainforests but can also be found in secondary-growth forests, woodlands, bamboo forests, swamps, and even open savannah. FOOD READ MORE

Close-up on face of a Red-and-green macaw

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Close-up on face of a Red-and-green macaw By Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Location: Tambopata rainforest READ MORE

Belize - Black Howler Monkeys in Lamanai Outpost Lodge Video

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Belize - Black Howler Monkeys in Lamanai Outpost Lodge posted by visitEarth Metacafe.com We stayed at the Lamanai Outpost Lodge in Lamanai, Belize. We were in cabana #10, which was closest to a r READ MORE

All About Chimpanzees - Enchanted Learning

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All About Chimpanzees EnchantedLearning.com DIET Chimpanzees are omnivores (eating plants and meat). They forage for food in the forests during the day, eating leaves, fruit, seeds, tree bark, pl READ MORE


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Gorillas SeaWorld.org Diet and Eating Habits A. Diet. 1. Western lowland gorillas eat more fruit than the other subspecies; it is readily available within the lower elevations of their range READ MORE

Gorilla: San Diego Zoo Animal Byte

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Gorilla: San Diego Zoo Animal Byte SanDiegoZoo.org Mammals: Gorilla Range: Africa, mainly along the equator Habitat: Gorilla gorilla is found in lowland tropical rain forests; Gorilla berengei READ MORE

Gorilla - Enchanted Learning

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Gorilla EnchantedLearning.com DIET Gorillas are predominantly herbivores, eating mostly plant material. They forage for food in the forests during the day. They eat leaves, fruit, seeds, tree b READ MORE

Sloth - Enchanted Learning

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Sloth EnchantedLearning.com DIET Sloths are plant-eaters who are more active at night; they eat leaves (including leaves from the cecropia tree), tender young shoots, and fruit; they are herbivo READ MORE

Sloth - Wikipedia

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Sloth Wikipedia.org Ecology The living sloths are omnivores. They may eat insects, small lizards, and carrion, but their diet consists mostly of buds, tender shoots, and leaves, mainly of Cecr READ MORE

Sloth JPEG

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Sloth JPEG Organization of American States Visit the web site for photo. READ MORE

Orangutans: Just Hangin On

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Orangutans: Just Hangin On PBS.org "Orangutans are our close relatives. It's easy to fall under the charming spell cast by the auburn hair and quizzical expression of a playful youngster - especia READ MORE

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Agouti

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San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Agouti Mammals: Agouti Range: parts of Central America, the West Indies, and northern South America Habitat: rain forests, mostly in areas with lots of underg READ MORE

Howler Monkey

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Howler Monkey Wildernessclassroom.com HOWLER MONKEY Alouatta pigra Howler Monkeys are some of Costa Rica's loudest inhabitants. It is said that the call of a howler monkey can be heard for READ MORE
Food chains and food webs illustrate how different specie get energy. Plants are the basis for energy that flows through a food web. Primary consumers, or plant eaters, in the rain forest are small mammals, insects, parrots, monkeys and bats.
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