Climate for Tropical Rainforest Areas

Climate for Tropical Rainforest Areas

What is the right climate for tropical rainforest areas? A tropical rainforest climate has uninterrupted warm temperatures, elevated humidity, with lots of rain. Gotta be paradise, right? Not necessarily, but definitely sounds like one of these rainforests.

How warm is it? Tropical air masses have a lot less temperature changes in than those seen in temperate zones. For most areas the temperatures hang around the 25 to 30 degrees Celsius range, with little seasonal variation. There is not too much diurnal change either. That is, it does not drop off sharply at night.

Why is it not hotter? A thick forest-canopy keeps it quite dark at ground level and most incoming solar radiation, insolation, does not make it to the soil. Additionally, a presence of high moisture levels results in evapo-transpiration which transports excess heat from the vicinity.

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