Learning Site: Kids

Learning Site: Kids


No matter how old you are, you can help protect rainforests. Check out our coloring book, online rainforest stories, animal facts and more.

* Rainforest Alliance TreeHouse
Visit our TreeHouse and explore the wonders of the rainforest.

* Coloring books
Color in your favorite rainforest birds, mammals and reptiles.

* Fun projects
Check out these crafts, games and more -- and have fun protecting our Earth.

* Stories
Read about kids who live in and near rainforests. In what ways are your lives alike? How are they different? How are children from other parts of the world helping to protect the Earth's resources?

* Facts about the rainforest
Learn about tropical forests and how our lives are connected to these amazing places.

* What other kids have done
Read inspiring stories about how other kids have helped protect rainforests.

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