Temperate Rainforest

Temperate Rainforest

A temperate rainforest is either coniferous forests or forests growing in the temperate climate zones in places with much rainfall. Temperate forests cover large parts of the world, but the temperate rainforests are mainly located in seven different regions around the world. Most of them occur in coastal areas with a maritime climate, for example, in the humid northwestern coastal region of North America, Western Europe, southwestern South America, southeast Australia and New Zealand sydø. Subtropical rainforest exists on the Black Sea, north of New Zealand, South Africa's Garden Route, western Japan, and in the central mountain range of Taiwan. Some places have so much precipitation that occurs accounts, even if they have a continental climate, the case for example of pockets in eastern Siberia, Manchuria, southern China, Columbia Mountains in the interior of British Columbia and Appalacherne in the eastern United States.

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