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15 Super Cute Red-Eyed Tree Frogs

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15 Super Cute Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, By Yohani Kamarudin, October 10, 2013, Scribol Staff, "They're pretty, delicate and popular, but also extremely googly-eyed. Red-eyed tree frogs are probably READ MORE

12 Incredible Snapshots of Chameleons Launching Their Tongues at Prey

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12 Incredible Snapshots of Chameleons Launching Their Tongues at Prey, By Yohani Kamarudin, October 25, 2012, Scibol Staff, "Although they are well known for their color-changing abilities, watc READ MORE

The Many Moods of the Chameleon Illustrated in Colour

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The Many Moods of the Chameleon Illustrated in Colour, Written by Simone Preuss, Scribol staff, "When we think of chameleons, we think of their ability to change colour - and contrary to popular READ MORE

New Frogs and Toads Discovered by Accident

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New Frogs and Toads Discovered by Accident, Written by Michele Collet, Scribol Staff, "3 amazing amphibian treasures, completely new to science, have been discovered in Colombian rainforest." READ MORE

Conservationists Trying to Save, Reproduce Endangered Frogs

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Conservationists Trying to Save, Reproduce Endangered Frogs September 17, 2011 Zulima Palacio | Panama "Smithsonian conservationist Brian Gratwicke is directing a campaign to save and reproduce READ MORE

Lemur (Mouse)

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Lemur (Mouse), By Amsel, Sheri, Exploring Nature Educational Resource, Copyright Exploring Nature Lemurs are found on the island of Madagascar. They eat insects, small animals, and fruit. Vis READ MORE


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Chimpanzee Animal Diversity Web University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Habitat Chimpanzees utilize a great diversity of habitat types. Although they are typically thought of as living READ MORE

Gekko gecko

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Gekko gecko Animal Diversity Web University of Michigan Museum of Zoology The Tokay Gecko lives in tropical rain forests, on cliffs and trees, and as pets amongst human habitation; they are ins READ MORE

Photos of chameleons

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Photos of chameleons By Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Three pages of pictures of chameleons; click for a larger or close-up version. READ MORE

Antshrikes, Antbirds, Antwrens

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Antshrikes, Antbirds, Antwrens, Costa Rica Gateway, A slideshow on the birds; they feed on insects disturbed by army ants. READ MORE

Rainforest Frogs North Queensland, Australia

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Rainforest Frogs North Queensland, Australia Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges Click on a photo for a description, size, habitat, etc. READ MORE

Photos of rainforest frogs

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Photos of rainforest frogs By Rhett A. Butler Mongabay.com Click on a photo for a close-up view. READ MORE

All about frogs for kids and teachers

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All about frogs for kids and teachers Kiddyhouse.com How does a frog catch an insect ? The frog's diet consist mainly of insects, small animals like earthworms, minnows and spiders. Most frogs READ MORE

What Do Frogs Eat and What Eats Frogs?

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What Do Frogs Eat and What Eats Frogs? FrogLifeCycle.com Insects, snails, spiders, worms and even small fish have all been known to be part of a frog's diet and while some bigger frogs had been READ MORE

Orchid Mantis

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Orchid Mantis Rainforestfauna.com The orchid mantis is a carnivorous insect that spends most of its time sitting on an orchid waiting for unsuspecting insects to come along. When they do, the o READ MORE

Golden Lion Tamarins

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Golden Lion Tamarins Rainforestfauna.com Golden lion tamarins spend most of their time in trees and are omnivores - they mainly eat insects, fruit, and small lizards. Check out the video. READ MORE


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Anteaters Rainforestfauna.com The most striking characteristic of anteaters are their long snouts and even longer tongues. Most anteaters either have no teeth. Instead they use their claws to te READ MORE

Giant Anteater

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Giant Anteater BBC Wildlife Finder Giant anteaters have tongues measuring up to 50cm, no teeth, and feed on termites as well as ants. Their long hair and thick skin protects them from the bites READ MORE

Big brown bat

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Big brown bat, BioKIDS, Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species, Museum of Zoology , University of Michigan, Discover what they look like, their habitat, how they communicate, what they eat, what eats READ MORE

Fascinating Facts About The Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

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Fascinating Facts About The Strawberry Poison Dart Frog By Irina Ignatova It gained its name thanks to - you guessed - its colour. In its most common form (which is also called a "blue jeansâ READ MORE

Parson's Chameleon

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Parson's Chameleon Page author: Jeffrey M. Hart WhoZoo.org Chameleons: Masters of Disguise Range: Eastern Madagascar Habitat: Rain forest Status: Not threatened Diet in the wild: Small insec READ MORE

Dragonfly - Wikipedia

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Dragonfly Wikipedia.org Dragonflies are valuable predators that eat mosquitoes, and other small insects like flies, bees, ants, and butterflies. They are usually found around lakes, ponds, strea READ MORE

Madagascar Kestrel - Wikipedia

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Madagascar Kestrel Wikipedia.org Distribution and habitat The Madagascar Kestrel has a large range of occurrence and it is native to Madagascar, Mayotte, and the Comores. It is a breeding resid READ MORE

Madagascar Paradise-flycatcher

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Madagascar Paradise-flycatcher Photo by Flickr user Belgianchoclate Animalpicturesarchive.com Visit the web site to view the image. READ MORE

Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher

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Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher Copyright: Andrea Piazza Treknature.com Visit the web site for a photo and information on the flycatcher. READ MORE

Helmet vanga (Euryceros prevostii)

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Helmet vanga (Euryceros prevostii), Arkive.org, Images of Life on Earth, Visit the web site for pictures (15) and more information. READ MORE


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Bee-eaters Avianweb.org The bee-eaters are a group of near passerine birds in the family Meropidae. Most species are found in Africa but others occur in southern Europe, Madagascar, Australia an READ MORE

Madagascar Bee-eater

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Madagascar Bee-eater tanzaniabirds.org This Madagascar bee-eater, also called the olive bee-eater, was photographed in Mahale in August 2007. Visit the web site for images. All unattributed READ MORE

Souimanga Sunbird - Wikipedia

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Souimanga Sunbird Wikipedia.org The Souimanga Sunbird (Cinnyris sovimanga) is a small passerine bird of the sunbird family, Nectariniidae. It is native to the islands of the western Indian Ocean READ MORE

Pied Crow

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Pied Crow tanzaniabirds.net © 2001-09 Ron Eggert or David Peterson The pied crow has a white breast, neck and collar, distinguishing it from the white-necked raven which has a white posterior READ MORE

Pied Crow Photo Gallery

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Pied Crow Photo Gallery By Ian Fulton pbase.com Visit the web site for photos taken in Ghana; click on a photo to enlarge READ MORE

Pied Crow - Wikipedia

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Pied Crow Wikipedia.org Diet Most of its food is obtained from the ground such as insects and other small invertebrates, small reptiles, small mammals, young birds and eggs, grain, peanuts, carri READ MORE

Phelsuma Geckos of Madagascar

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Phelsuma Geckos of Madagascar by Rhett Butler wildmadagascar.org Visit the web site; it has a LOT of photos (click to enlarge) and more information. READ MORE

Madagascar - A World Apart: Creature Features , Chameleon

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Madagascar - A World Apart: Creature Features Contributing author: Christopher J. Raxworthy The Living Edens PBS.org "Almost half of the world's chameleon species live on the island of Madagasc READ MORE

Chameleon - Wikipedia

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Chameleon Wikipedia.org The family Chamaeleonidae are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. They are distinguished by their parrot-like zygodactylous feet, their separately mobi READ MORE

White's Tree Frog Fact Sheet

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White's Tree Frog Fact Sheet Smithsonian National Zoological Park Visit the web site to learn about White's tree frog. READ MORE

Birds Follow Army-Ants to Find Prey

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Birds Follow Army-Ants to Find Prey, By Robb Brumfield, 30 May 2007, Livescience.com, "This Behind the Scenes article was provided to LiveScience in partnership with the National Science Foundat READ MORE

Blue-crowned Motmot

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Blue-crowned Motmot St. Louis Zoo "Despite its bright plumage, this beautiful bird is hard to spot as it darts through the forest. The motmot flies in short, swift darting moves, leaving only a fl READ MORE

Bat Printout - Enchanted Learning

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Bat Printout Enchanted Learning.com Senses/Diet: Bats can see, but do not use this as their primary sense. There are two types of bats that differ in their diet and in the way they sense and obta READ MORE

Microbat - New World Encyclopedia

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Microbat New World Encyclopedia Diet Most microbats feed on insects and are able to catch them while flying or while the insects are on a surface. Many species of microbats have chitinase enzy READ MORE


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Microbats Tooter4kids.com Most microbats eat insects. A red bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in one night. Some types of microbats eat bigger animals like rodents, other bats, reptiles, birds and READ MORE

Bats: Why should we care?

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Bats: Why should we care? Office of Education Contra Costa County Believe it not, micro-bats can eat up to 300 hundred bugs an hour! These bugs include mosquitoes, moths, locus, grasshoppers, etc READ MORE

Insect-eating bat in rainforest cave

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Insect-eating bat in rainforest cave by Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Visit the web site for the photo. READ MORE

The Online Anteater

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The Online Anteater By Maia Weinstock Discover what anteaters are all about; click on a topic on the page for photos and information. READ MORE

Giant Anteater: Natural History Notebooks

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Giant Anteater Natural History Notebooks Canadian Museum of Nature The giant anteater of South America is about the size of a German shepherd dog. Please visit the website for photos and more READ MORE

Giant Anteater JPEG

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Giant Anteater JPEG Animalpicturesarchive.com Visit the website for the photo. READ MORE
Insectivores are a type of carnivore whose diet consists of insects and small creatures.
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