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Alaska State Tree, Sitka spruce

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Alaska State Tree, Sitka spruce 50states.com Has several small photos and information on its leaves, flowers, fruit, twigs, bark, and form. READ MORE

Tsuga heterophylla (Western Hemlock)

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Tsuga heterophylla (Western Hemlock) Wikipedia.org Good article with several nice photos and map showing the range where it exists. READ MORE

What Are Some Plants in the Temperate Rain Forest?

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What Are Some Plants in the Temperate Rain Forest?, By Kristen May, eHow Contributor, "Temperate rain forests are located along the Pacific Northwest coast and in some parts of Chile, Norway, Japa READ MORE


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Conifers By Jim Conrad Backyard Nature Nice article with two photos. READ MORE

Oxalis in the Quinault Rain Forest

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Oxalis in the Quinault Rain Forest, Posted by treehugger_007, Flickr.com, "This little gem is very common ground layer species in both the Hoh and Quinault rain forests. I found it more common to READ MORE

Skunk Cabbage

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Skunk Cabbage Island Creek Elementary School Fairfax County Public Schools Skunk Cabbage is a large-leafed plant that grows in wet areas, especially near streams, ponds, marshes, and wet woods. READ MORE

Western Skunk Cabbage

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Western Skunk Cabbage Wikipedia.org Western Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton americanus), sometimes called yellow skunk cabbage, is a plant found in swamps and wet woods, along streams and in other wet READ MORE

Juniperus scopulorum

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Juniperus scopulorum Wikipedia.org Juniperus scopulorum (Rocky Mountain Juniper) is a species of juniper native to western North America, in Canada in British Columbia and southwest Alberta, in READ MORE

Trees - Rocky Mountain Juniper

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Trees - Rocky Mountain Juniper National Park Service Department of the Interior The berry-like cones of Rocky Mountain Juniper are an important source of food for birds and small animals. READ MORE

Red Columbine

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Red Columbine Posted by D.Broberg Flickr.com Visit the web site for photo. READ MORE

Pacific Bleeding Heart - CalPhotos

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Pacific Bleeding Heart CalPhotos University of California, Berkeley Click on an image to enlarge. Some photos can be freely used for academic purposes; each one states its policy. READ MORE

Indian Paintbrush - YouTube

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Indian Paintbrush, Produced by University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources Initiative Team, YouTube.com, Video length: 01:05 READ MORE

Wildfires of the Northwest - Indian Paintbrush

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Wildfires of the Northwest - Indian Paintbrush intangibility.com Several nice images with descriptions. READ MORE

Temperate Rainforest Epiphytes

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Temperate Rainforest Epiphytes Missouri Botanical Garden Many epiphytes are found in the temperate rainforests. Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants. Visit the web site for pictures READ MORE

Pinophyta - Wikipedia

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Pinophyta Wikipedia.org The conifers, division Pinophyta, also known as division Coniferophyta or Coniferae, are one of 13 or 14 division level taxa within the Kingdom Plantae. Pinophytes are gy READ MORE
Temperate rain forests receive a lot of rain so it provides a wide variety of food for plant consumers in the food chain. Confers, ferns, lichen, and moss are plentiful; follow the flow of energy up the food chain and find out how each animal gets the energy they need to survive.
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