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50 Astounding Facts About Rainforests (INFOGRAPHIC)

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50 Astounding Facts About Rainforests (INFOGRAPHIC), Sept. 12, 2013, By Dominique Mosbergen, Huffington Post Green, Interesting illustration with facts on the emergent, canopy, shrub, and forest READ MORE

10 Amazing Treetop Walkways Around the World

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10 Amazing Treetop Walkways Around the World The World Geography Great photos of walkways in rainforests and other areas! READ MORE

Rainforest Layers Quiz

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Rainforest Layers Quiz By Van Discoveryeducation.com Interactive. Answer the questions and then click "submit" to send your answers. READ MORE

Rainforest Layers

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Rainforest Layers Rainforestfauna.com To fully understand the rainforest habitats you need to learn about the rainforest layers. Each layer of the rainforest provides homes to many animals, with READ MORE

Peru: Rainforest canopy walkway

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Peru: Rainforest canopy walkway Created by Ingolf Vogeler University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Based on a trip to Peru in June 2001. READ MORE

What is a Rainforest?

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What is a Rainforest? Tooter4kids.com Easy-to-understand and informative page on rainforest layers. READ MORE

Rainforest Layers

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Rainforest Layers By Wendy Pan EzineArticles.com The rain forest is made up of layers which will all have a different characteristic and be the home for a range of different birds, animals a READ MORE

The Rain Forest Layers in Pictures

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The Rain Forest Layers in Pictures ABCTeach.com Pictures and description of different rainforest layers. READ MORE

Rainforest Alliance - Jewels of the Earth

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Jewels of the Earth Rainforest-Alliance Organization Interactive activity; see if you can match animals with the right rainforest layer. READ MORE

Rainforest in a Glass Bowl - Flickr

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Rainforest in a Glass Bowl Uploaded on January 12, 2009 by matma92ser Flickr.com You enter on the forest floor and move up via a spiral walkway, seeing the plants and animals for each rainfore READ MORE

Layers of the Rainforest

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Layers of the Rainforest By: C.M.Shorter TigerHomes.org Description of each layer in the rainforest. READ MORE

Animals that Glide - Rainforests

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Animals that Glide - Rainforests Written by earthfacts.net "The ability to glide allows some creatures of the rainforest canopy to search for food over a wider range and escape from predators m READ MORE


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Strata Thinkingfountain.org There is a wide variety of life in the strata (different layers) of a rain forest. The living conditions are different in each layer. What can you find in ea READ MORE

Rainforest Snakes Video Clip

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Rainforest Snakes Video Clip Newton's Apple Twin Cities Public Television Visit the web site for video. READ MORE

Rainforest Strata - EnchantedLearning.com

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Rainforest Strata EnchantedLearning.com Tropical Rainforests "Strata" means "layers." Scientists divide rainforests into different strata (or layers) for easy reference. Each of these layers READ MORE

Journey Into Amazonia - The Big Top

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Journey Into Amazonia - The Big Top PBS.org The canopy shelters the Earth's richest and most diverse ecosystem. Estimates of its insects alone have recently jumped from one and a half to 30 mill READ MORE

Layers of a Rainforest

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Layers of a Rainforest MT & PK Productions Space Radiation Lab, Caltech EMERGENT LAYER The tallest trees are the emergents, towering as much as 200 feet above the forest floor with trunks that READ MORE

Rainforest Australia! Tropical Rainforest, Far North Queensland Australia

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Rainforest Australia! Tropical Rainforest, Far North Queensland Australia John Chambers Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges The 'Wet Tropics' North-eastern Australia is very diverse because it READ MORE

Dr. Blythe's RainforestEducation Web Site

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Dr. Blythe's RainforestEducation Web Site Elements of the rainforest The canopy is the "roof" of the rainforest, formed by the tops of the trees, which may be 80-150 feet tall! In the canopy READ MORE


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Rainforest Rainforest.net Article provides names of animals that live in the different layers of the rain forest. READ MORE
Rainforest are divided between the emergent, canopy, understory, and forest floor. Trees in the emergent layer can reach heights of 200 feet. The canopy is the primary layer and provides cover for the two layers beneath it; many animals live in this layer as food is plentiful. The understory doesn't receive much sunlight so plants don't grow very tall but many animals and large concentrations of insects live here. The forest floor is really dark so plants don't grow there; this is where decomposition takes place, and is much quicker here than in other forests.
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