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Amazon (Pink) River Dolphin Video

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Amazon (Pink) River Dolphin Video All About Wildlife Narrated by Jean-Michel Costeau. Video length: 05:12. READ MORE

What do pink dolphins eat?

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What do pink dolphins eat? All About Wildlife Like all dolphins, the pink Amazon river dolphin, which is the largest of the world's four freshwater dolphin species, eats fish. Even though food is READ MORE

Violent chimpanzee attack - Planet Earth - BBC wildlife

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Violent chimpanzee attack Planet Earth - BBC wildlife Video length: 03:54. READ MORE

Tiger Quoll

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Tiger Quoll OzAnimals.com Habitat wet eucalypt forest and rainforest Food small birds, small mammals, earthworms and insects. Visit the web site for photos and READ MORE

Emerald Tree Boa

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Emerald Tree Boa Rainforestfauna.com They feed mainly on rodents, but will also eat lizards and frogs. They are non-venomous snakes and kill their prey by squeezing it. Visit the web site for READ MORE

Army Ants

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Army Ants Rainforestfauna.com "Because army ants attack in such large numbers they are able to easily overcome their prey - they attack insects, birds, snakes, spiders, mammals, lizards, frogs, an READ MORE

Amazon Tree Boa

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Amazon Tree Boa Rainforest Adventures Discover Zoo Sevierville, Tennessee Range: Amazon Basin Habitat: Strictly arboreal in nature, found in dense forest. Natural Diet: Small mammals & READ MORE

Emperor Scorpion

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Emperor Scorpion, Woodland Animal Zoo Fact Sheets, Seattle, WA, "Emperor scorpions are found in the hot, humid rainforest, nestled in their own burrows, which they dig in the soil. Emperors also READ MORE


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Bushmaster, Woodland Zoo, Seattle, WA, "Bushmasters are found in relatively cool, moist tropical forests from mountainous areas to coastal lowlands." Diet In the wild: Primarily small mammals READ MORE

Boa Constrictor (Common Boa)

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Boa Constrictor (Common Boa), Woodland Zoo, Seattle, WA, "Boa constrictors live from sea level to 3,300 feet (1,000 m) elevation, in tropical rainforests, semi-deserts, rocky hillsides, savannas, READ MORE

Explore Birds of Prey

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Explore Birds of Prey The Peregrine Fund "Birds of prey, or raptors, are meat eaters and use their feet, instead of their beak, to capture prey. They have exceptionally good vision, a sharp, hooke READ MORE

Poison Dart Frogs

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Poison Dart Frogs All Photos By W.P. Armstrong Wayne's Word: An On-Line Textbook of Natural History Visit the web site for pictures and descriptions of poison dart frogs. Great photos! READ MORE

Argentine horned frog

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Argentine horned frog Wikipedia.org The Argentine Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata), also known as the Argentine wide-mouthed Frog or Pacman frog, is the most common species of Horned Frog, from th READ MORE

Amazon Tree Boa

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Amazon Tree Boa by guitar fish Flickr.com Visit the web site for the photo. READ MORE

Corallus hortulanus - Amazon tree boa

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Corallus hortulanus - Amazon tree boa Animal Diversity Web University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Habitat Amazon tree boas are found in a wide variety of habitats. They are common in a READ MORE

Rainforest: Canopy-Bats

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Rainforest: Canopy-Bats By Rhett Butler Mongabay.com Although most bats of the world are insectivores, rainforests have a high percentage of fruit eaters. While insectivorous and other carnivo READ MORE

King Cobra

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King Cobra Elisabeth Benders-Hyde West Tisbury School Up-Island Regional School District Blueplanetbiomes.org The King Cobra's biome is the Southeast Asian rainforest. Its habitat are the READ MORE

Jungle Eagle - Full Episode

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Jungle Eagle, PBS.org, "Harpy eagles are the most powerful birds of prey in the world, but scientists know very little about harpy eagles. NATURE enters their secret world with wildlife filmmaker READ MORE

Harpy Eagle

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Harpy Eagle Elisabeth Benders-Hyde West Tisbury School Blueplanetbiomes.org Harpy eagles are carnivores and duirnal, or daytime hunters. They hunt about 19 species of medium sized and larg READ MORE

Harpy Eagle - San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes

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Harpy Eagle San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes Range: southern Mexico to northern Argentina Habitat: rain forests Rain forest take-out The powerful harpy eagle is fast and agile, flying low over READ MORE

Harpy Eagle Printout - Enchanted Learning

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Harpy Eagle Printout EnchantedLearning.com Diet: Eagles are carnivores; they hunt and scavenge during the day (they are diurnal). Harpies eat sloths, monkeys, opossums, large reptiles (like igu READ MORE

Harpy Eagle, Wikipedia

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Harpy Eagle Wikipedia.org Ecology This species is an actively hunting carnivore. Its main prey are tree-dwelling mammals such as monkeys, coatis, and sloths; it may also attack other bird speci READ MORE

BBC | Science & Nature | Giant river otter

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Giant river otter, BBC, Science & Nature, Large photo with description. READ MORE
Food chains and food webs illustrate how different specie get energy. Small carnivores like reptiles, bats, eagles, and amphibians feed on plant eaters like birds, insects, small rodents and squirrels to get their energy. Find information on the small carnivores in the rain forests.
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