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The Rare White Kermode Bear

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The Rare White Kermode Bear, Uploaded by Apexpredator11, YouTube.com Video length: 02:15. READ MORE

Mountain Goat - Oreamnos americanus

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Mountain Goat - Oreamnos americanus, Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, In addition to several excellent photos (click to enlarge), there's an abundance of informat READ MORE

A Journey To Find the Mysterious And Elusive White Spirit Bear

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A Journey To Find the Mysterious And Elusive White Spirit Bear, By Karl Fabricius, Scribol staff, "The mystic Spirit bear, a white and elusive black bear." READ MORE

Birdsong in a secret rainforest in England

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Birdsong in a secret rainforest in England Posted by pressall5 May 11, 2007 YouTube.com Video length: 01:00. READ MORE

Temperate Rainforest Animals

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Temperate Rainforest Animals Rainforest-Facts Pictures and information on species in South American, North American, European, Asia, and Oceana's temperate rain forests. READ MORE

Spirit Bears: The Next Environmental Superstar

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Spirit Bears: The Next Environmental Superstar By DAVID WRIGHT, ABC News, Reporter's Notebook, Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada, Oct. 13, 2010, The Great Bear Rainforest is not READ MORE

Ron Thiel Photography - Spirit Bear Photo Gallery

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Ron Thiel Photography - Spirit Bear Photo Gallery Awesome photos; click to enlarge. READ MORE

The Spirit Bear - YouTube

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The Spirit Bear natureconservancy | October 26, 2008 Video length: 02:28. READ MORE

Common Shrew Photo

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Common Shrew Photo by Milos Andera Photobank NaturePhoto-CZ Visit the web site for picture. READ MORE

Grizzly Bear - Ursus arctos

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Grizzly Bear - Ursus arctos Nature Works New Hampshire Public Television Characteristics The grizzly bear is also known as the brown bear. It has fur that ranges from a cream or silver color t READ MORE

CalPhotos Gray Jay

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CalPhotos Gray Jay University of California, Berkeley Using these photos: A variety of organizations and individuals have contributed photographs to CalPhotos. Please follow the usage guide READ MORE

Gray Jay

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Gray Jay Cornell Lab of Ornithology Cornell University A widespread and confiding denizen of boreal and sub-alpine forests, the Gray Jay frequently approaches people for food. It may even land READ MORE

Gray Jay - Perisoreus canadensis

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Gray Jay - Perisoreus canadensis New Hampshire Public Television Image Credits: Clipart.com Characteristics The gray jay is about ten inches in length. It is gray on top and grayish-white on i READ MORE

North American Bear Center - Bear Basic Facts

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North American Bear Center - Bear Basic Facts Quick Black Bear Facts by Lynn L. Rogers, PhD Folklore: Perhaps no other animals have so excited the human imagination as bears. References to bea READ MORE

Elk or Wapiti

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Elk or Wapiti, DesertUSA.com, Find a description and information on its range and habitat; includes two photos. READ MORE

Roosevelt Elk

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Roosevelt Elk Alaska Department of Fish & Game Visit the website for the article. READ MORE

Olympic Marmot - Marmota olympus

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Olympic Marmot - Marmota olympus Image Credits: Clipart.com unless otherwise noted New Hampshire Public Television Characteristics The Olympic marmot has brown fur mixed with white. Patches of READ MORE

Mule Deer

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Mule Deer DesertUSA.com Mule Deer Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Cervidae Sub Family: Capreolinae Genus: Odocoileus Species: hemionus Vital Stats Weight: 125-330 lbs. Len READ MORE

Douglas Squirrel

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Douglas Squirrel New Hampshire Public Television Characteristics The Douglas squirrel is also known as the pine squirrel and the chickaree. It is reddish-brown on top and white or orangish-whit READ MORE

Mountain Monkey

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Mountain Monkey McCleod Ganj, India Flickr.com Visit the web site for the photo. READ MORE
Temperate Rainforest Wildlife Homework Help
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