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You Do Not Want to Get Tased by This Eel

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You Do Not Want to Get Tased by This Eel, Smithsonian.com, Video length: 02:04. READ MORE

10 Incredibly Cute Snapshots of Baby Crocodiles

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10 Incredibly Cute Snapshots of Baby Crocodiles, Written by Michele Collet, Scribol staff, "Wonderful snapshots of baby crocodiles emerging from their shells and otherwise causing cuteness overlo READ MORE

Anaconda on the Hunt

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Anaconda on the Hunt National Geographic Video Video length: 02:04. READ MORE

Rainforest Food Chain: Top Predators

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Rainforest Food Chain: Top Predators AllAboutWildlife.com Good information, with information on the top predators in the rain forest as well as primates (monkeys, apes & lemurs). Many photos. READ MORE


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Leopard Canadian Museum of Nature Powerful and agile, the leopard is an efficient hunter. It stalks its prey, creeps to within a few metres, then leaps or dashes at the victim, which is dispatch READ MORE

Black caiman

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Black caiman ARKive.org This impressive aquatic hunter is the largest of all alligator species, with reports of individuals measuring six metres (2). The black caiman superficially resembles the READ MORE

Tiger, Wildlife Animal

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Tiger, Wildlife Animal Indian Tiger Welfare Society The legend: Irrespective of the culture or language, the tiger is considered as the undisputed ruler of its domain and it has had a profound READ MORE

Tigers - hunting, prey and captive feeding

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Tigers - hunting, prey and captive feeding By Maxine Annabell Tiger Territory Excellent illustration showing a tiger's food chain along with text. READ MORE

Jaguar hunting at night - Jungle Nights

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Jaguar hunting at night - Jungle Nights BBC Earth YouTube.com Video length: 03:15. READ MORE

Harpy Eagle at Summit Park

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Harpy Eagle at Summit Park Photographer: Rhett A. Butler Mongabay.com Excellent photograph of a harpy eagle. READ MORE

Video: Paradise Tree Snakes Take Flight

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Video: Paradise Tree Snakes Take Flight Nature PBS.org "The paradise tree snake has become a master of escape. It will launch itself from a treetop and sail as far as 300 feet to get defend itsel READ MORE


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Ocelot Rainforestfauna.com Like all cats, ocelots are carnivores and feed on small mammals, lizards, and birds, and to a lesser extent, fish. They are excellent climbers and swimmers. They are o READ MORE

African Fish Eagle

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African Fish Eagle BBC Wildlife Finder These efficient predators can get away with spending as little as 10 minutes a day actively hunting. Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Rain Forest's Food Chain Top Predators

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Rain Forest's Food Chain Top Predators Allaboutwildlife.com Pictures and information on big cats, alligators and crocodiles, big snakes, and eagles. READ MORE

Eagles - Rainforests

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Eagles - Rainforests, By Marcia Malory, Earthfacts.com "Eagles are the top predators of the emergent layer of the tropical rainforest." Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Carnivores of the Rainforest

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Carnivores of the Rainforest, By Marcia Malory, Earthfacts.com "The predatory animals of the rainforest include poisonous snakes and carnivorous mammals." Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Anaconda at Animal Corner

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Anaconda Animal Corner, UK Anacondas are four species of aquatic boa inhabiting the swamps and rivers of the dense forests of tropical South America. Anaconda Diet The Anaconda diet include READ MORE

Anaconda Snake

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Anaconda Snake Rainforest Adventures Discover Zoo Sevierville, Tennessee Range: South America, North and East Central. Habitat: Always found near water, swamp environments. The flooded Pantan READ MORE

Jaguar - Panthera onca

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Jaguar - Panthera onca NatureWorks New Hampshire Public Television Image Credits: Clipart.com unless otherwise noted Habitat The jaguar makes its home in a wide-variety of habitats inclu READ MORE


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Ocelot Woodland Animal Zoo Fact Sheets Seattle, WA Habitat Ocelots are found in several different kinds of habitats, from jungle areas and tropical rain forests to dry scrub and chaparral zones READ MORE

Mountain lion, puma, cougar

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Mountain lion, puma, cougar, BioKIDS, Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, Discover what they look like, their habitat, how they communicate, what they e READ MORE

Jaguar Animal - One Of The Largest Cats In The World

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Jaguar Animal - One Of The Largest Cats In The World By Irina Ignatova So what do we know about it? The jaguar is an elusive animal. Over the years scientists have found it difficult to a READ MORE

Ocelot - Kid's Planet

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Ocelot Kid's Planet.org HABITAT: Ocelots live in a variety of habitats, ranging from mangrove forests, coastal marshes, savannah grasslands, pastures, thorn scrub and tropical forests. All of the READ MORE

Anaconda Hunts Video

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Anaconda Hunts Video NationalGeographic.com Video length: 02:47. READ MORE

Margay - Leopardus wiedii

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Margay - Leopardus wiedii By: C.M.Shorter TigerHomes.org The Margay is perhaps the truest Jungle Cat completely dependent on cover of the treetop canopy throughout its Central and South America READ MORE

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Ocelot

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San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Ocelot SanDiegoZoo.org Like all small cats, ocelots have very good vision and hearing. Their eyes have a special layer on the inside that collects light, so ocelots READ MORE


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Ocelot Andrew Garman The ocelots hunting technique is varied and is carried out mostly by night - its prey includes small deer, rabbits, rodents, reptiles and when available, fish. The ocelot sw READ MORE

Bengal Tiger

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Bengal Tiger Elisabeth Benders-Hyde West Tisbury School Up-Island Regional School District BluePlanetbimes.org The Bengal tiger is a carnivore. It eats boars, wild oxen, monkeys, and other READ MORE

Green Acres Ocelot - YouTube

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Green Acres Ocelot Posted by JoellenDavid YouTube.com Video length: 01:25. READ MORE

Jaguar: The Rainforest Animal

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Jaguar: The Rainforest Animal By Sonia Nair Buzzle.com Jaguar: The Rainforest Animal Jaguar is the third largest feline in the world, and is the sole member of the panthera family to be found READ MORE

What is a carnivore?

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What is a carnivore? Qualitative Reasoning Group Northwestern University A carnivore is an animal that gets food from killing and eating other animals. Carnivores generally eat herbivores, bu READ MORE

Wikijunior: Big Cats/Leoards

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Wikijunior: Big Cats/Leoards WikiBooks The leopard is the champion athlete of the cat world. Most big cats can pull with five times as much force as the same weight of human athletes. The leopar READ MORE

Tiger Photos, Video, Facts

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Tiger Photos, Video, Facts NationalGeographic.com Easily recognized by its coat of reddish-orange with dark stripes, the tiger is the largest wild cat in the world. The big cat weighs up to 720 po READ MORE


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Cougars Wikipedia.org Hunting and diet A successful generalist predator, the cougar will eat any animal it can catch, from insects to large ungulates. Like all cats, it is an obligate carnivore, READ MORE


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Jaguars Kidcyber.com The jaguar is the largest cat found in the Americas, and the third largest of the cat family (lions and tigers are bigger). It is also one of the four cats that roar. Its roar READ MORE


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Tigers www.kidcyber.com.au Diet Tigers are carnivores, or meat eaters. How do tigers catch their prey? They hunt mainly between sunset and dawn. They stalk their prey, get as close as possibl READ MORE


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Leopards Kidcyber Hunting and Diet Leopards eat meat. Animals that eat meat are known as carnivores. Leopards stalk their prey. Please visit the website for more information. READ MORE

Predators on the Forest Floor

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Predators on the Forest Floor Rhett A. Butler Mongabay.com Visit the website for pictures and article. READ MORE
Food chains and food webs illustrate how different specie get energy. Top carnivores in the rain forest are tigers, snakes, cougars, and jaguars.
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