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Tropical vines are smothering the rainforest, study finds

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Tropical vines are smothering the rainforest, study finds, October 13, 2015, By Sam Catherman, BABW News, A recent study shows that invasive vines are choking out rainforest trees, preventing READ MORE

Goeldi's monkey

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Goeldi's monkey Lincoln Park Zoo Photo and description of the Goeldi along with information on its habitat, status, niche, and range. Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Bolivian gray titi monkey

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Bolivian gray titi monkey, Lincoln Park Zoo, "Bolivian gray titi monkeys feed on the leaves, fruit and insect they find in the trees of their home." Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE


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Cats, By Maria Malory, Earthfacts.com "The cats of the tropical rainforest live in the understory." Visit the web site for a photo and to learn more. READ MORE


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Understory Wikipedia Article Wikipedia.org Understory (or understorey) is the term for the area of a forest which grows at the lowest height level below the forest canopy. Visit the web site READ MORE

Noisy Night Monkey

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Noisy Night Monkey Wildclassroom.com How did the noisy night monkey get its name? Probably from the low, loud, distinct, owl-like hoots it makes at night. Although its call is easy to identify, READ MORE

Photo: the night monkey

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Photo: the night monkey By Rhett Butler Mongabay.com "Midget" is the youngest member of a family (six in all) of douroucoulis at the Bronx Zoo's World of Darkness. The only true nocturnal monke READ MORE

The Malaysian Fruit Bat

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The Malaysian Fruit Bat WhoZoo.org Bats have inhabited the Earth for about the last 50 million years. The earliest fossils of the species found bare a remarkable resemblance to the bats of today READ MORE

Fruit Bats

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Fruit Bats Enchanted Learning Illustration, description, and its importance in the rainforest. READ MORE


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Jaguar Kidcyber.com Jaguar Habitats Jaquars live in wet lowland areas, swampy grasslands near rivers or lakes. They are found in both North and South America. In the USA they are found in Texa READ MORE

Flowers of the Understory

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Flowers of the Understory, By Marcia Malory, Earthfacts.com "Flowers in the rainforest understory have features that encourage pollination in the absence of much air circulation and light." Vi READ MORE

Animals of the Understory

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Animals of the Understory, By Marcia Malory, Earthfacts.com "Many animals that live in the tropical rainforest understory have limbs that are designed for grasping and climbing." Visit the we READ MORE

Rainforests Understory

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Rainforests Understory, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, "Several meters below the bottom of the canopy is the understory, a layer made up of young trees, short species of trees, shrubs, a READ MORE

The Rainforest Understory

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The Rainforest Understory By Dr. Blythe Rainforesteducation.com The rainforest understory is very hot, very damp, and the air is still. During the hottest part of the day it is very still. Vis READ MORE
Sunshine doesn't reach this level much; plants don't grow very tall but many animals live here.
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